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This video will show you how to make tile cleaner at home

Vapor steamer used :

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Coffee Lounge Jazz Chill Out – Tremendous Ambiance for Work from Home

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Coffee Lounge Jazz Chill Out – Tremendous Ambiance for Work from Home
from Backdrop for Cleaning – Relaxed Electric Piano and Alto Saxophone
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Walk Behind Carpet Cleaning Self-Contained Carpet Extractor Machine – EDIC Supernova Two-Way

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Learn more about the EDIC Supernova Carpet Cleaning Machine here:

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– Cleans in Forward or Reverse
– Optional Tools for Detailing

There is literally nothing like the Supernova™ series of self-contained carpet extractors. A remarkable self-contained extractor that cleans carpet in both forward and reverse, providing unparalleled productivity in any facility with large areas of carpet to clean.

A simple pull of the lever instantly changes between forward and reverse to assist with movement reducing strain on the operator.

The Supernova is the only self-contained carpet extractor in the industry that has a dual vacuum system for unmatched water and soil recovery for carpet cleaning. The Supernova increases productivity on maintenance carpet cleaning jobs to dramatically reduce labor costs.

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How to Make $25k/Month on a Cleaning Business

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Have you ever wondered how to start a cleaning business? If you haven’t before, a better question might be: Do you want to be your own boss—and provide a valuable service for people and businesses in your community? A cleaning business can be a highly profitable way to achieve both goals.

And you don’t need much money to start a cleaning company, either. Compared to other common businesses, the overhead and start-up costs when you start a cleaning business are relatively minimal. You can set yourself up for long-term success if you know how to start a house cleaning business the right way.

In this interview, Corey Edmonds tells you how to start your own cleaning business. His pressure washing business, ProWash, made 0k last year and is on track to double that revenue. If you were wondering how much money you could make starting a cleaning business, that gives you some idea of the potential.

We asked Corey for his best advice and strategies on how to start a cleaning business. He shares his secrets for attracting and keeping clients, what equipment you need to get started, and how to quickly grow your revenue. This is one interview you don’t want to miss if you’re looking to become an entrepreneur with a cleaning business of your own.

To find out more about Corey Edmonds and his ProWash business, visit:

To find out more about starting a pressure washing business in particular, check out our blog post:

Thanks for watching “Cleaning Business”:

Here’s another great video we recommend starting and running your own cleaning business:

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How to Bid a Commercial Cleaning Job

Once you get the job, you’ve got it down cold, but knowing how to bid a commercial cleaning job is a little more complex and can be overwhelming and at times downright frustrating without knowing how to set up the process the right way.

Here’s a few points we go over in today’s podcast:

•How to do onsite bids
•When and how to have a budget conversation
•What to include in a bid
•The magic phrase to start an onsite conversation
•How to move from unwanted sales person to valued consultant

Does the idea of going on site to give a bid to for a potentially large contract give you the heebeegeebees? You know you need to know how to bid commercial cleaning jobs to really grow your cleaning company, but the thought of going on bid after bid and hearing “Thanks, We’ll get back to you” a dozen times makes you feel like throwing in the towel.

Does this scenario sound familiar? You get to your appointment, on time, ready to talk to the “boss” about what their needs are and how you can serve them and wouldn’t you know it, you end up with Carl from the mail room giving you an abbreviated tour of the office and bathrooms before shoving you out the door and asking to email your bid to some junk mail email account they set up for unwanted salespeople.

Would you like to know how to avoid being treated like the redheaded stepchild and more like the knight in shining armor? How about being able to know you’re going to have a straight answer right then and there at the end of your appointment and not 3 months from now…maybe

Today’s show is a continuation of the last episode Get Commercial Cleaning Contracts, if you haven’t listened to that episode yet, check it out now, listen in and then come back for more cleaning company genius

In today’s show, Mike does a deep dive into ground rules, what they are, how to set them up and how to use them the right way to set the tone for your relationship with your prospective client from the very beginning and best of all how those ground rules get Carl out of the equation forever.

Mike shares the secret sauce to rock star sales processes that get results when you bid commercial cleaning jobs.

Go over step by step, how to get your prospective customer’s pain by asking a few simple questions lined out in this show and why until you can get pain from your prospect, you can’t really help them.

Learn how to become the answer to your prospective client’s problems and not just another vendor and hone your skill when you bid a commercial cleaning job to higher closing percentages and less pain in the butt customers that drive you up the wall.

For more information on what to include in your bid package check out our blog on How to Market a Cleaning Business

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Now you know how to bid a commercial cleaning job and knowing is half the battle! Now get out there!!

Please watch: “Cleaning Business,Thanksgiving and Growth featuring Mike Campion”


Sound Effects Library – Vacuum, Central – Carpet Beater Attachment: On, Run, Stop, Various Cleaning

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Sound Effects Library – Vacuum, Central – Carpet Beater Attachment: On, Run, Stop, Various Cleaning
from Appliances: Sound Effects
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Steam VS Extractor WHICH IS BETTER ?? -Carpet Brush VS Drill Brush

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Steamer vs Extractor
Yellow drill brush
Red drill brush
Carpet Bomber
Terminator Enzyme Cleaner 1 Gal
Terminator Enzyme Cleaner 1 Pint
McCulloch MC1375
McCulloch MC1385
Mytee Lite 8070

California Carpet Cleaning Versus Filthy Apartment Carpets

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Doing what we do everyday
They give us there worst we show them our best!!!

California Carpet Cleaning
We Love What We Do And So Will You!!
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