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Carpet Cleaner Rental | The Home Depot Rental

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The Karcher carpet cleaner rental is easy to use and effective. It is capable of cleaning most carpeted rooms in as little as 20 minutes.Check out our Tool Rental playlist for more tips:

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Rent a carpet cleaner at your local store today:

Follow these safety rules before operating:
0:30 Get to know the controls and operating procedures of the carpet cleaner

Follow these tips when operating the Karcher carpet cleaner rental:
0:59 Vacuum all carpeted floors before cleaning
1:05 Fill the solution tank
1:46 Turning the carpet cleaner rental on
2:00 Operating tips
2:23 Using an accessory tool
3:00 Rental return tips

►Before operating, refer to the user’s manual for additional safety warnings and procedures not addressed in this video.◄

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Karcher Carpet Cleaner | The Home Depot

How To Really Remove Pet Urine From Carpet | Lincoln CA

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How To Really Remove Pet Urine
From Carpet | Lincoln CA
Gold Coast Flooring |

In this short video I show some of the steps I take when removing pet urine from carpet. Normal carpet cleaning will not remove pet urine and even extensive cleaning products and equipment will not remove all the pet urine because padding is like a sponge and holds onto most of the urine.
By eliminating the padding you get rid of most of the problem instead of trying to rinse out what I consider a floor made of sponges.

Cleaning products used in this video –

Cobbs Enzyme Deodorant –

Cobbs U-P-S Urine Pre Treatment –

Carpet Cleaning Lincoln CA

How To Clean Dog Pee With A Bissell Pet Stain Eraser

This video shows some basic DIY carpet cleaning for pet urine. Using the Bissell Pet Stain Eraser you should be able to effectively remove most small pet urine accidents.
Most other household spots and spills should be a snap if you take your time and thoroughly rinse the carpet.
This video does not describe a professional deep down extraction but our customers use it for the everyday accidents that happen to all of us.

Note: We don’t recommend the solution that is provided by Bissell. Instead used Woolite detergent ( ) or Woolite for Pet Stains ( ) then rinse using equal parts of warm water and white vinegar. Any remaining staining can be treated with 3% hydrogen peroxide.
For an added boost to stain removal spray on Sally’s 20 Volume Clear Peroxide ( ).

1. Don’t extract any solvents through this machine
2. Don’t over wet the area
3. No harsh scrubbing
4. In most cases Woolite will do the trick….rinse with white vinegar:water solution
5. Use 3% hydrogen peroxide for mild staining

How to use the new Bissell Pet Stain Eraser (a review):

For more on how professionals flush urine out of carpeting and rugs click the link below:

For pet accidents try using the product we use

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Essential Sound Effects – Hand Broom Sweep Sweeps Sweeping Clean Cleaning Sound Effects Sound Effect Office and Classroom Cleaning

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Essential Sound Effects – Hand Broom Sweep Sweeps Sweeping Clean Cleaning Sound Effects Sound Effect Office and Classroom Cleaning
from Essential Sound Effects 7 – Miscellaneous Sound Effects
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CLEAN WITH ME- BISSELL LITTLE GREEN //CARPET CLEANING // deep cleaning for under $100 !! August 2020

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Hi Everyone!! So quarantine has got me going stir crazy so best way to spend my time productively is to clean!! I have wanted a carpet / spot cleaner forever and I finally found one! Bissell Little Green Carpet cleaner for is super budget friendly !! I had to order it online because there was a TIKTOK craze about it and it was out of stock EVERYWHERE. I’m really impressed by the quality of the machine for the price of it. Thanks for supporting my channel!!

In this video, I am cleaning my shag carpet that has never been cleaned before, yuck!! It is about four years old and super dirty as you can tell!!

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How to Clean a Couch QUICKLY for Company Coming! (No fancy equipment or cleaners needed!)

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How to Clean a Couch QUICKLY for Company Coming! (No fancy equipment or cleaners needed!)

How to clean a couch or sofa? How to clean it QUICKLY & easily with safe cleaners and NO equipment?? We’ve got you covered! My brother Eric has worked in professional cleaning, water damage & mold remediation for over 15 years and he’ll show us how to get it done!!

*Note: having white clothes are helpful to see if you’ve gotten everything off so no rings are left. Eric made this look easy, but if you haven’t ever cleaned your couches like me, it does take a good amount of elbow grease! His cushion looked perfect, the one I did looked spotty so I went back and did it more and then it looked much better!!

P R O D U C T S M E N T I O N E D :
Citra Solv
White Terry Cloth Towels
Glass Spray Bottle (any spray bottle will work!!)

M Y O T H E R F A V O R I T E C L E A N I N G P R O D U C T S :
Method Pink Grapefruit Degreaser
Method Bathroom Cleaner
Mrs Meyers Multi Surface Cleaner (any scent!!)

My FAVORITE Homemade Shower Cleaner:

A B O UT U S :

Tom and I live with our four kids ages 5-10 just outside of the Twin Cities in MN. During the week, I share my favorite tips & tricks for simplifying your home QUICKLY. Living as minimalists (or extremely simply) has improved the quality of our life dramatically and we love sharing about it.

On Saturdays we like to give project updates. We’ve lived on our farm for 3 years and have been renovating our 1940’s house and making improvements outside, too!

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Our Minimalist House Tour:

Eliminate Paper Clutter Video Part 1:

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Why I became a Minimalist:

The Best Place to Start with Minimalism:

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Manhattan Rug Cleaning – Manhattan Rug Cleaning

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Manhattan Rug Cleaning – Manhattan Rug Cleaning
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