A treasured rug that smelled bad- Oriental rug cleaning

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A treasured rug that smelled bad- Oriental rug cleaning

A treasured rug that smelled bad- Oriental rug cleaning

Publish 08/16/2017 by oriental rug cleaning from urine odor.
Nationwide service, 561-221-2815.

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This Antique oriental rug shipped from the State of Arizona.
To be Clean after Coit carpet cleaner company cleaned the rug.
What Virginia wrote to me.

A treasured rug that smelled bad

Virginia H

to me
My dear sister passed away and left me many of her lovely antiques.
I knew she loved Oriental rugs, but in looking around, I couldn’t find one I had seen in her library on a previous visit.

Finally, I found the beautiful rug, but I was very puzzled as to where it was stored. She had folded it up and moved it to the corner of her garage.

Nevertheless, I was thrilled to take possession of what I remembered was a valuable, beautiful rug.

As I drove home from California to Arizona with the very heavy folded rug in my SUV, I noticed a putrid smell filling the car.

It the dawned on me why my sister had banished the rug to the garage. Her dogs have urinated on the rug, and the smell has become intolerable for my sister.

I then decided I would not take it home without having it cleaned, so I drove directly to Coit rug cleaners in Phoenix and dropped it off.

It was expensive to clean, but I thought I was going to have my sisters a wonderful rug in my home soon.

The smell was much better, and I put it on the floor of my own library to enjoy and remember my dear sister.

After a few months, my housekeeper mentioned she was vacuuming the rug and noticed it had an odor.
I hadn’t noticed anything in particular and so just dismissed the idea.

A few months passed, and I went traveling for three weeks on business. When I returned home and walked in my home it “hit” me. The smell was definitely coming from my sister’s rug.

I now know that in living with the rug I had become used to the smell. I was shocked that I hadn’t noticed that terrible stench.
House guests and visitors must have been noticing it for some time and I was unaware.

What failed with the cleaning I had done in Phoenix? How disappointing.

So, this morning I scoured the internet and looked at advertising videos and YouTube demonstrations by companies all over the Country.
Arizona has several companies that claim to remove pet odors. After watching and comparing all the videos, I was not convinced they would do a good job removing the pee smell and guarantee their work.

When I saw and listened to Meir Martin and his company Pet Pee Pee I knew he would give my rug the best cleaning and care.

I was glued to his presentations as he used special organic minerals from The Dead Sea and I watched how the minerals washed through the rug fibers and vacuumed them out the back. His patterned vacuum technique was the only method that ran the used solution THROUGH the rug and then into the tubing until the water was clear indicating the rug was free of all the pee and odor.
Wow!!! This looked like the odor and dirty pee accumulating from years of dog traffic (and worse) would be cleaned at last.
And guess what? Pet Pee Pee guarantees it.

They are nationwide with UPS pick up.
I texted Mr. Martin a photo, and he texted me back in ten minutes. He gave me a price and told me the weight, and also told be something about my rug.

I followed Mr. Martins video on folding and bagging for shipping. That same day UPS came to the door and off it went 3,000 miles to Florida.
My home is already smelling better.
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  1. Stuart Metcalfe LeSieur says:

    Thankyou so much for your phone call !!! You answered all my questions and confirmed the long journey my carpet has taken. After inheriting it from my grandfather it was just a carpet with no past. Now I look at it differently. Words can not express how grateful I am to you, for solving the mystery.

  2. Arbel Kimmick Voiceover Artist says:

    Always a pleasure working with Mr. Martin on his voiceovers! Thanks Mr. Martin for your outstanding cleaning system and for always being so great to work with! For more professional voiceovers visit

  3. Ari6lle1nWonderl2nd says:

    I’m so confused. I thought this was an ad before the next video and kinda zoned out and started watching it…9 minutes later…wtf why was this video in my recommended feed?? Haha, actually tbh I’d love to get my rugs cleaned like this, but something tells me there’s no way I could afford it.

  4. ya boi says:

    "Special organic minerals" Hmmmmm….. I wonder what kind of "special" minerals come from the saltiest sea on Earth. The world may never know.

  5. Bob Vila says:

    Very cool system but I'm just gonna get a new rug if its full of dog piss…

  6. Ravioli Ravioli Whats in the Pocketoli says:

    this has to be satirical

  7. Dane .Bright says:

    I dont know how I got here, but if im ever in Arizona and i have a rug that I need cleaned I'll be more prepared then the average American.

  8. SlayerX7gtr says:

    He just licked peepee…

  9. Bangtan Beard says:

    Did everyone find this in their recommendation today? Lol

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    5:44 what happens after no nut november ends

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    Good name

  12. European Government says:

    pet pp

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    Who do you know at youtube?

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    Idk why im I even watching this it’s 3am

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    My dogs not in the fkn house PERIOD

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    How the fuck did I get here

  17. Tyler Faust says:

    I wonder how much she was paid to say all the good things

  18. Cube star Cube star says:

    Wtf is this video

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    He sounds like borat

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    how did i get here

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