Green Carpet Cleaning – Home-Made Green Cleaners

Posted on: April 9th, 2019 by

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  1. M Campbell says:

    these nasty comments are really immature and hurtful. the methods and recipe work and are very helpful for those who have chemical sensitivity issues and I appreciate the information very much. But then again, I realize that I am not perfect and do not expect anyone else to be either so her message is all im interested in. The ingredients are easy and effective. Thank you for your help. Keep us green and clean Heidi and ignore those unkind disrespectful comments.

  2. Xavyuna my Poolw says:

    easy we

  3. Armen Nasser says:

    if is green it does not work. you have to go full power with the bleach and the alikes. 

  4. TheLove1622 says:

    She's from Boston

  5. diesel vegas says:

    ur voice is annoying as hell and who would ever put SOAP on carpet ru kidding me?!! fail

  6. LoveMyDroid says:

    I'm sorry. I can't handle her voice long enough to watch all of this…

  7. thehotsixer1 says:

    3 years? just sitting there in front of the computer and letting it fly eh? Better just pull that carpet up and get some new carpet and a girlfriend.

  8. ryan215553 says:

    what about 3 years worth of jizz stain?

  9. Cherish Duhh says:

    sigh you people are immature .

  10. Jack says:

  11. monica barrera says:

    I like the background instrumental music what is that?

  12. Gatorsrok says:

    what a woman should be doing :)))

  13. Rafael Freelund says:

    can you tell me what a "cahpet" is?

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