How to do business to business sales | Running a commercial cleaning business

Posted on: March 6th, 2019 by

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9 Responses

  1. LeonDon says:

    I really would like to see you using your carpet machine on a job, and what chemical you would recommend.

  2. Elite Auto Detailing says:

    Love the content that you bring to us!
    I recently started contacting property management companies in my area to gain business. I figure I could offer a variety of janitorial services to them(Move In/Outs, lobby area, halls,etc) and it would be consistent business for me. One of the Property Management companies that I reached out to, sent me an email. He’s interested in getting vacant units cleaned on a regular basis. I will be meeting with him next week to view one of the vacant homes.
    Thank you for not only informing us on how to be successful, but giving us courage as well.

  3. Aaron Rakoz says:

    Great vids, I just found your channel a month ago and really appreciate your approach an dealing with the ins and outs of the biz, especially in the beginning. I realize there is a lot more to just cleaning in general, but also your advice, follow thru is Prime. Watching your vids I see your consistent, work hard, to building trust with follow thru, and you have growth. Congrats to your dedication and look forward to more testimonial videos. You are a great asset to the rest of us trying this biz out. Like they say you need to learn to walk before you run. Keep on trucking Joe and have a great new year of growth.. Cheers Aaron

  4. Richard Heflin says:

    Another great video joe, this is literally the situation I had yesterday. I was so nervous after my meetings that I might have come across desperate because this is the largest account I've ever bid on, but they told me that I have great enthusiasm and cant wait to work with me. I'm doing my first vendor package right now. This company told me that there will be more jobs in the future. If I don't have any other big accounts do you think I should take more from them or wait till I can diversify so I keep them around that 20% of my income?

  5. hakim hakim says:

    please man can you tell us what are the equipments you are using.
    thank you.

  6. Colt Z says:

    I used to manage a chain of 22 clinics, this lady sent in a ticket freaking out over a "stain that had not been cleaned", lying saying she has sent requests multiple times in the past etc. I know that wasn't true because I would never let something like that get away. Anyways, turns out it was a shadow, because they had hired someone to redo their lighting over the weekend lol. And that was not the first time or last time dealing with people with that mindset

  7. Brian Jones says:

    Wow, great video my friend!!!

  8. Kim Jakubec says:

    So excited today! I’ve been watching your videos once I decided I was going into business for myself after working for an established company in the area. I got an LLC about a month ago,insurance,made up business cards,got a business bank account,put an ad on Craigslist,and sent out letters to a list of doctors,lawyers and other business people in my area( I really just wanted to concentrate on office cleaning bc I’m a kind of older lady and that’s what I’ve done before and I’m not looking into building a really big clientele(just enough for me, by myself)). I went out today drove to different spots and went door to door. First two doors- clients!!! Yeah! The rest of the day was not as great but after knocking on about 50 doors I think I’m getting maybe 4 more which for me I’m crazy happy. I just got over working for somebody that I busted my ass for. Went where he wanted me go,did the work by myself on most jobs for him to question my integrity as to where I was and how long it was taking me as if I was cheating him. So happy that I’m done with that shit. I like to clean. I like the peace and quiet to be by myself at night or on weekend days but I don’t like when someone doesn’t appreciate me when I’m working hard

  9. Justin Billingsley says:

    Hi! I’m new to the channel.. How do you feel about subbing for other cleaning companies when first starting out?

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