How To Price Carpet Cleaning Jobs For More Money And Never Upsell Again

Posted on: January 19th, 2019 by

Cheat Sheet

Answering phone calls is a must for carpet cleaners and you can easily get more jobs booked and more money made if it’s done correctly.

Clients always ask me how they should price carpet cleaning. How much should I charge? What are the best specials to advertise? In this video I show the exact method I used to literally double my profits over night.
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30 Responses

  1. henry rich says:

    Great video Joe. I would like to get more clients.
    I have a website I just gotta figure out how to get more traffic drawn towards it. Thanks. Henry

  2. oe1299 says:

    As good a video that I have ever seen on here👊🏻

  3. Carpet Cleaning says:

    Should I have that package options on my website

  4. Brown's Professional Carpet Care says:

    It works 10000000% i can testify. If i didnt see this video 7 months ago. I would still be trying to upselling carpet protection.. 7 months later my profit margins are double almost tripled.. my average per job has grown 150-200% .. excellent excellent excellent advice.. if you do not do this. You are not smart lol…. Do what works for you though…

  5. Brown's Professional Carpet Care says:

    excellent info we will start this today thank you for information 2017

  6. ChicagoArkus says:

    Never could figure out why guys sell their business if they were good at it.. Makes like zero sense to me anyway..

  7. Mone Ward says:

    What's a good portable carpet cleaning machine

  8. 3 Kings Cleaning, LLC says:

    great sample call

  9. Carpet Cleaning Sydney says:

    I prefer to give the highest price the job could be and then say it could be less that way they think they get a bargain even if you on take of $20 from the total steam cleaning price.

  10. gaby61166 says:

    Nice vid. Thanks for the good info !!
    Powell, in Germany 🙂

  11. aromawholesaleonline scammer says:

    dub profits lol !
    if your business was doing so well why did you sell it.

    Also every customer on the phone is going to tell you it's not as bad as it really is they think it's not bad they said it's not bad just to get the cheap price and then when you get there its trashed and now you're stuck in at a low price and can't fullfill your low offer unless you up sell terrible market in terrible sales technique glad you sold your business

  12. Michael Meyers says:

    So same price for 1,2 or 3 rooms?

  13. DrJ 303 says:

    that came out to 57 a room … i was thinking about 30 or 35 a room … will i loose money at that price

  14. Dave Whiting says:

    Sort of decent advice except why the hell would you charge someone for deodorizing pet urine? That wont remove the odor and you know it. You have to remove the odor completely not mask it. That's ripping people off.

  15. David Blue says:

    outstanding, outstanding

  16. Integrity Cleaning says:

    luv it

  17. Matattack209 says:

    Scotch Guard does not protect from wear and traffic patterns. You’re lying to your customers.

  18. Brown's Professional Carpet Care says:

    This video I watched January 2017 is the reason my profits more than doubled. I WILL NEVER USE SINGLE PRICING EVER AGAIN!!!

  19. Ron Rivet says:

    I just checked my last 2 quotes and sure enough….the first one I listed the people picked. One was the Silver which the person picked and was listed first and the other was the Platinum which the person picked and was listed first. I even went way back and checked my other quotes and sure enough again!! Same thing! And these first packages that were listed and chosen were significant amounts! Thank you! I will list the best one first from now on!

  20. Tiger. says:

    Body shops do not do any of that they have to see the damage before the even give you an estimate that’s why I don’t understand why a package system would work let me take my car to the body shop or should I just call and give them my damage report.

    Bigfoot he attacked Hercules there is a Bigfoot.

  21. Robert Kochis says:

    Great video and advice. Hey +Joe Burnich , how did you handle furniture moving with your packages? included? extra charge?… what do you recommend? I would love to see a package comparison sheet for the packages you used, if you have one =) .



  22. Jami Rasulov says:

    I read all comments. I managed small company in Orlando. Where I can find check list for carpet cleaning? Thank you

  23. Professional Carpet Cleaning says:

    This is basically how I charge simple and straight forward see our website for information on rates. 

    2 Rooms  $ 88.00

    3 Bedrooms, Living room, Dining room, 1 hallway  $ 168.00

    Basements see below. Starting at $ 88.00

    Stairs: $ 36.00/set (12) Landings $ 3.00 extra/ea.

  24. Carpet Sparkle Carpet Cleaning says:

    Actually. I think this is great advice and i have worked with packages in the past and tripled my income, but i think i will try this sounds smarter. thanks

  25. Carpet Sparkle Carpet Cleaning says:

    Well i like the fireworks.

  26. Barry Huddleston says:

    What about sq. feet of carpet? You wouldn't want to charge $250 for a 600 sq. ft. apartment and then give the same package to a 2000 sq. ft. home. You could murder your business or over charge at times. I think 3 packages with amount of rooms is more fair. Then ask if there are pet stains… if so charge an extra 25% on top of the original price. Sort of like super-sizing a meal at Mcdonalds.

  27. fread efgtr says:

    hey joe could you tell me where your at and what is the price per sq, ft to carpet shampoo

  28. Peter Hewel says:

    Mrs. Jones doesn't give a crap about your "packages". She has a coupon. She thinks you are a chump. If she doesn't get the coupon deal, she's going to WalMart to buy a Hoover or Bissell.

  29. Edward Wade says:

    Hey bro great video I have a question I'm going to get into the carpet cleaning business. But really don't know how to give prices. I should be receiving my ninja warrior 500 psi three-stage vac and rotovac 360i in a few days know I alreay have someone that want me to go do a couple of offices hallways and a few waiting areas / lobbys in a Hospital……how would I price this and how much would be good to charge? Im scared to give him a price that he thanks is too high and I don't wanna give them a price that is too low but I would like to give him a price that's reasonable For when he needs to done it again he can call me… I would like to keep his business.

  30. zestydude87 says:

    Very good advice.  Im going to use this method for my new carpet cleaning business.  Thanks!

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