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A brief overview of how to clean commercial office spaces. Includes examples of how to empty trash, dust, clean restrooms, stock restroom supplies, vacuum, mop, and organize supply closet.
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  1. Susankar Ari says:

    Very Nice

  2. Norbert Medeiros says:

    This level of detail at minimum wage does not happen. Innis Mor made a good point about the washroom cleaning, you finish with the bowl after turning over your cloth…

  3. Stefan Stevkovski says:

    That was a very interesting article, here are a few more tips on how to start up a cleaning business …
    Choose what type of cleaning company you’re going to specialise in (residential, commercial or specialised?) Bear in mind your skills (are you prepared to clean every day or are you more suited to the administrative side of a cleaning company) and where there’s the best market opportunity in your desired area.
    Research the market– researching the potential market and local demographic will be key in determining the type of cleaning company you should start. If you’re planning on running a domestic cleaning venture you’ll need to ensure that people in the local area are financially able to pay for someone else to do their domestic chores, likewise for a commercial business are there enough viable contracts to win? Market research will also be key in determining your prices (try posing as a prospective client and ringing around the local competition to ensure your pricing point is competitive).
    Choose on your business model. From the outset and throughout it’s important to think about your long-term plans for your cleaning company. If you’re looking for a business that you can grow slowly and organically and that you can keep control of in the long-run then going it alone is probably sensible. However, to hit the ground running (and if you’re nervous about some of the elements of setting up a business) you could consider franchising. There are lots of franchises in the cleaning industry with average upfront costs of around ,000.
    Appropriately budget for your equipment. Cleaning equipment costs can vary considerably. For domestic cleaners, more often than not the equipment is provided by the households, but if you’re thinking of launching a commercial cleaning company there’s some basic equipment you’ll need to invest in. It’s important that you ensure any outlays you have to spend on equipment will be counteracted in profits.
    (I learned these and the reasons they work on Ayalisse Clean Biz site )

  4. wamblue says:

    Needs cuter contestants 🙂

  5. Lisa Shaw says:

    I would dust first than wipe down the desk.

  6. Construction Clean Partners says:

    To the comment below : while you were paying so much attentions to the woman' cloth, she worked for construction final cleaning and made bunch of cash.
    Final cleaning is the last scope to be purchased on a construction site, other trades are commonly working under and above your crew. You are waxing and Painters walk in your wet wax, Vacuumed the floors and Electricians leave wrappers on ground. This is nothing you can stop and must expect other trades to work with you. Commonly you are working during punch list times, so trades are fixing what the architect did not approve. Change Orders is the name of this game. Have the superintendent sign off on rooms when complete or have super sign for extra man hours for re cleaning. Then you email that sheet to the project manager for official approval. Do not let the superintendent get away with making you re clean for free. Change orders early is the only way to not be burnt on re cleans due to other trades on site.

  7. Perpetual Movement says:

    This is a good video, I personally use it for janitorial training, thanks for posting.

  8. sa sa says:

    this is great v I would like to start small business without franchise if it is possible tell me how

  9. Mohamed Samy says:

    Cheers for the Video clip! Sorry for the intrusion, I would appreciate your initial thoughts. Have you heard about – Proutklarton Clean Earning Plan (should be on google have a look)? It is an awesome exclusive guide for making big money by setting up a simple office cleaning business minus the hard work. Ive heard some awesome things about it and my friend at very last got amazing success with it.


    There is cross contamination in the bathroom video. The same towel used to wipe the bottom of toilet was used on the toilet handle when she flushed.

  11. Dahszil Dahszil says:

    we should elect janitors for elective office. from the federal down to the local level. we'd have a compassionate and economically stable, shrunken wealth gap country and towns.

  12. Tera Kloc says:

    I own a cleaning company, I have specifically done residential cleaning mostly till this point. Now wanting to branch into commercial office cleaning this video was an absoulte god send. THANK YOU!
    Are you in Canada?

  13. lil bc says:

    good teaching for all.

  14. says:


  15. TypesALot says:

    I have a tremendous amount of respect for the people who have to clean up after adults that should know better. You are amazing for what you do and how you do it.

  16. Sand Hill Qatar says:

    Thank you so much. This video helped our staff a lot in practicing easy cleaning steps. BTW, we are a professional cleaning company in Qatar.

  17. francis ejigah says:

    owesome training planning on having a cleaning service.

  18. MiMi Jordan says:

    Awesome vid thinking about starting cleaning biz👍👍👍👍

  19. elena 240 says:

    guys how do you keep a smear free desktop?

  20. Praveen Hatti says:

    Thanks for the video. Very informative. I run a home cleaning startup out of Bangalore, India called Unplan ( )

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