Rug Cleaning 2019 Super Satisfying

Posted on: April 25th, 2019 by

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My first rug washing video. For more information visit

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31 Responses

  1. Ayesha says:

    2:15 Black one was super satisfying😍

  2. mercy triumps says:

    You are certainly getting a lot of dirt out, but I have wall to wall carpeting throughout my house so this would not work for me. But thank you.

  3. Yanasoo Sibarah says:

    No credit given anywhere in the video; most of these clips are taken from a YouTube channel called 99 carpet. They also donate a portion of the funds earned from views to charity.

  4. Viperbronco aka Almasty says:

    Lot of colors bleed out.
    I clean carpets and furniture, and panels

  5. r valley says:


  6. Mabel Leslie says:

    I need a company like you

  7. Ann Soldano says:

    Love the results. But, you need a big driveway and neighbors that mind their own business.

  8. Carmela Phelix says:

    I know several of these are 99 carpet. Who are the others?

  9. Gamerlord 9004 says:

    I LOVE this video

  10. Jen Loves Nails says:

    My hubby says I'm sad for watching this. So why does it make me happy?

  11. Rian Ri/RR says:

    16 mins of rug cleaning really

  12. Lancelot Clark says:

    Next up… rug munching tips

  13. Everythings For You says:

    Wow Amazing

  14. Edwin Leach says:

    I thought wool shrunk when exposed to water. But if that were true, there would be a lot of tiny sheep running around. How do you do it? Thanks for the video.

  15. Sam Labo says:

    I had a few rugs, I hose them then put them on wire rack and angled them
    The guys in Boston dip them them pulled them out hanging with full water weight
    Then shaped like hourglasses
    I went back to doing it myself
    Not all pros are pros

  16. Daniel Malbon says:

    From this comment section it would seem there is a vast number of people who subconsciously want to be informed and responsible rug owners. I am one of those people.

  17. Hamadanners says:

    Hope thats an heirloom its one unattrachive rug

  18. CCTV in operation says:

    Waste of alot of water just for one rug

  19. SarcastikB says:

    I dont think he used enough soap! I wouldve so much dawn soap on there😂😂

  20. Fransis Black says:


  21. mandeep arya says:

    Wastage of water

  22. Lapis Mosi says:

    I have a whole house of Persian rugs and I place them on cement slab and used diluted laundry soap, then hose them down with a garden hose and hang over fence to dry. I need help lifting the larger ones but it costs almost nothing. That equipment looks quite costly. The rugs dry quickly in the open air, come out wonderfully clean, and hold up perfectly.

  23. Fyrill says:

    Youtube: Hey, you want to see a video of a man cleaning rug?

  24. 92xl says:

    I'm convinced that this rug was owned by s family of rabid badgers.

  25. Tri756 says:

    In the end after 8 hrs of work still looks worn out shit

  26. Megha says:

    Now I want to clean rugs

  27. rajanfsu1 says:

    Water wasted was more worthy then old rug.

  28. Divine Ocumen says:

    Im a new vlogger i hope you support me too… thanks

  29. Atul Rai says:

    ‌Water wastage

  30. Lola Saunders says:


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