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Cause and Effect of Bad Breath

Posted on: December 7th, 2014 by

Halitosis or broadly known as smelly breath is a dental issue that irritates innumerable individuals around the globe. This dilemma triggers different varieties of health issues including periodontal or gum disease. Research shows that poor breath mostly occur to those who lack good hygiene. Bad breath causes terrible breath that prevents you speak with other people. Therefore, this condition doesn’t only jeopardize your wellness; it also impedes you from interacting other people. The smelly and evident odor of this condition actually came from numerous bacteria stuck within the mouth.Professionals said that bad breath may be obtained in a number of grounds. Some of these root causes came from:

Bad oral habits – As what’s mentioned a while ago, bad breath occurs because of inadequate practice of good oral hygiene. A lot of individuals today are ignoring oral hygiene due to their hectic schedules. Because of this, most of them obtain oral problem which lets them start using bad oral habits. Poor oral habits are harmful routines that invite a large number of bacteria which causes poor or smelly breath. These terrible habits contain smoking cigars and overlooking hygiene like skipping daily brushing and flossing. For that reason, most dental specialists propose to all men and women the necessity of correct dental hygiene to help avoid poor breath.

The Tongue – Regardless, our tongue is an area where most bad bacteria stay. With this, it is no longer astonishing why most specialists recommend that every individual ought to include the tongue when brushing the teeth. Proper brushing of your teeth can help prevent poor bacteria which will cause smelly breath or halitosis.

Food – Food can be a root cause of bad breath or halitosis. Based on analysis, poor breath mostly takes place from the unhealthy foods especially the sticky ones. With this, its smart to avert foods that are sticky and sweet (dairy and cheese).Health Problems – Bad breath can exist in several health conditions. The majority of these conditions exist on the internal parts like bronchitis, liver ailments, diabetes and respiratory syndromes.Dental Abscess – Bad breath exists due to bad irritants stuck in the mouth. These irritants may be associated with dental abscess. Dental abscess consists of dangerous pus that caries numerous bacteria. These bacteria can cause oral cavity that if not treated it may lead to dental abscess.Dry mouth – Dry mouth is a dental issue that’s also known as xerostomia. This issue can be attained in a number of instances like smoking tobacco or cigarettes which might bring about poor breath. Xerostomia is the condition of saliva production which may increase the prospect of diabetes and poor breath.

Gingivitis – Gingivitis is a mild condition of gum disease that can cause tooth loss and bleeding gums. Apart from wrecking the wellness of the gums, it could also induce smelly breath. Thus, taking care of the gums is advised.

Dental Cavities – As many of us know, cavities can result to tooth decay which may produce bad breath especially when left neglected or untreated.Although bad breath causes an excessive amount of headache to almost all of us, they could still be cured and settled. Through using an over-the-counter mouthwash, you can now get rid of countless bacteria stuck inside your mouth. To get a permanent solution, of course, you have to practice the proper oral hygiene. Always execute proper brushing and flossing. Plus do not forget checking out your dentist on regular basis.