Why are my carpet cleaning prices so high?

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Watch as a seasoned expert discusses pricing for professional carpet-cleaning services in this free online video about carpet care.

Expert: David Green
Bio: David Green is the owner of Customer Choice Services Inc. He has been providing Utah with carpet, upholstery, tile grout, air duct windows, and blinds for over 10 years.
Filmmaker: joseph wilkins
Video Rating: / 5

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19 Responses

  1. invertd007 says:

    Good advice!

  2. Hap Hebrew says:

    Great Vid!

  3. Justin Varao says:

    Love this video man!! there’s people out here doing 5-6 rooms for 99$ !!!

  4. Ron Taylor says:

    hey bud I'm from Michigan I just want to give you a compliment on your videos do do you make a lot of sense keep up the good work Taylor by choice

  5. Angie Mcgill says:

    Hello. I stay in a low end pricing area. When i start the carpet cleaning business; what price would you recommend i charge?

  6. Alex Carter says:

    I really appreciate you and Courtney at Truman steamer in GA you both so on point not only in the carpet cleaning industry but in mostly all business entities in general. Amen brother you guys keep the educational videos. Thank you both I enjoy you guys and hopefully soon I will be able to be part. Thanks !

  7. Gold Coast Flooring | Carpet & Tile Care says:

    Exactly, great video and explanation. Once I took the time to learn the industry my client base changed dramatically. From cleaning apartments in the ghetto to cleaning in high class neighborhoods.

  8. Andrew Johnston says:

    I'm not a religious man, but Amen and Amen. This is chicken soup for the carpet cleaners soul!

    "You've got to learn… LEARN what you're doing…"
    "My prices are high because of the quality of my work"
    "The work I do… I won't do 3 rooms for $99…"

    Onward we go!

  9. elohim soldier says:

    I'm a young entrepreneurs looking for the best 500 psi, 3 stages in the market.

  10. Ascension5dEarth says:

    This smaller than a normal room or larger than is a gimmicky scam.

  11. Jonny Weber says:

    Sorry Bad idea!!! Don't charge by the room, what if the room isn't that bad, or what if the room is super dirty…

  12. Jonny Weber says:

    Sorry Bad idea!!! Don't charge by the room, what if the room isn't that bad, or what if the room is super dirty…

  13. Chris Collins says:

    dude this guy is ahhhh ahhhh ahhhh ahhhhhh ahhhhh what is the point really his company needs a new video rep.. if i asked him about to rooms he reply would be ahhhhahha ahhhhhh ahhhhh well let me look at my ahhhhhh ahhhh book. ok here we go i found it ahhhh ahhhh ahhhh welll it would be ahhhha ahhhhhh 28.00 per room and ahhhh ahhhh ahhhh ur hall way if u wanted to do it would beeeeeeeeee ahhhhhhahhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhh 12 liner feet ahhhhh 13.00

  14. chqflyer says:

    Stairs are the easiest thing to clean. Simply treat like any other part of the carpet and use a stair tool or upholstery tool.

  15. Kevin S says:

    he is just talking,talking no rubbing,rubbing!

  16. housesoccer says:

    Sorry, but not much that one could not fiqure out on thier own.

  17. Josue Sanchez says:

    Just what is a normal room?
    Good thing I had time to waste because that is exactly what I did by watching this useless video, in noway was it instrumental in determining how to choose a carpet cleaning service for my house

  18. HENRYNATOR0976 says:

    its called a measuring wheel not stick

  19. chqflyer says:

    When you start charging by the foot then the price can get waaaay out of hand. Stay with the per room and kick in the hallway and stairs for free! Just my two cents.

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