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Jacob Alvarado owner and operator of Cleaning Service Pro, LLC
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  1. LEGITX Bacon says:

    Why do u use the Whitaker if your gonna hit it with the rotovac?

  2. janilink nashville says:

    Goood video¬† thx……….

  3. Ak Tony says:

    Yo can do all this process with people who actually care about their carpet sometimes i go to houses where people dont care about how the carpet look they just say oh do what ever you can i don't care lol

  4. Vancouver Integrity Cleaning - Carpet Cleaning says:

    I love it !

  5. h wozniak says:

    All the soap and dirt are still in there. Not extracted. Yuk.

  6. radiumlyte says:

    gross shoes on carpet? how

  7. Wanda Burgess says:

    It is nice and pretty!! Great job!!

  8. Lorrie Harkey says:

    That carpet STILL needed to have a straight up rinse/steam extraction done. There was a ton of dirt left behind. The scrubber was nice but it does not pull everything out. Gross

  9. Fabio G. Carvalho says:

    hi guys, do you use hot water?

  10. Aferose Ayabarreno says:

    Great job…but hard work

  11. Ritercrazy says:

    You're a hard worker.

  12. Christopher Hedtke says:

    Ugly bruh, need to have better rows. all over the place

  13. Steam Deluxe says:

    Nothing beats the crb/rotovac combo for the really nasty ones but it takes time so 9 out of 10 jobs the rotovac stays on the van and 5 out of 10 so does the crb. The rake is my best friend!

  14. Big Time Screen printing says:

    This is what you call a PRO, awesome job… Keep it up

  15. Brian Moore says:

    One pass only your just moving the dirt around bro

  16. Brian Moore says:

    Never use a buffer on carpet only hard surfaces it will tear those fibers up

  17. billy seabz says:

    Y do u go side to side when obviously it was designed to go forward and backwards?

  18. HAZZARD says:

    Still looks like shit. My real of the story: get hard floors

  19. otterlover95 says:

    Great job. Great machines. Great production. Thanks for sharing.

  20. BA T says:

    Host Dry Carpet Cleaning beats soaking a carpet. Only collecting 60-65 percent of soil and water, yikes!

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