DIY How to Clean Your Sofa| SAVE MONEY!!!

Posted on: May 22nd, 2019 by

Thinking about getting your sofa professionally cleaned? WATCH THIS VIDEO FIRST! I’m going to show you how I cleaned my two sofas at home and saved a few hundred dollars.
Hope you get inspired by my video.Thanks for watching and Enjoy!



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20 Responses

  1. jarquina says:

    It totally works, I have tested several cleaner, but surprisingly this works really well, I have a gray sofa similar to the one she's cleaning and almost all the stains disappear just a few remain, but I think if I do it again they will be gone. Thanks, great tip!

  2. megan burns says:

    My light grey sofa after cleaning has a ring around the area, almost like it is still wet, but it is not. Any idea how to get that off?

  3. The Book of G.A.M.E. says:

    Remarkable! You’re a blessing. My wife and I invested in a Zgallerie sectional a couple years ago and the wear n tear was driving us crazy! Popped em in the washer and kept on moving. Thank you Queen 🙏🏽

  4. A Osman says:

    Thank you!

  5. rose rose says:

    Good job

  6. rose rose says:

    Good job

  7. Sarah Zepeda says:

    i love this! thank you!!

  8. allstar123 says:

    Can I wash at 40 on covers like yours which say dry clean only?

  9. K K says:

    I wish the skirt was removable too

  10. Silver Sebastian Loh says:

    I feel like it wasn't that bad at the start. But we like things to be super clean cuz it looks nice! Thank you for the video.

  11. Rashiqa Hanem says:

    Tooth brush !!! How many years would it take to clean one sofa?

  12. Crystal Melendez says:

    Does it have to be dove soap ?

  13. g cantstansya says:

    Omg. You are so nice and telegenic as well as informative. Consider me subscribed.

  14. Mo Jo says:

    I'm cleaning my sofa tomorrow. Thank you for this post.

  15. James Synegal MBA,MSHS, MPC,LPC says:

    Try steam cleaning it.

  16. Y R says:

    Great work. But my main concern is getting that cushion back into the cover. It doesn't look the same once you've take them out and put them back in. At least for me, that's what I've experienced with other cushions.

  17. mackenzi chapman says:

    just got my first place and first couch. your video is short, sweet and to the point! thanks!!! ❤️

  18. jephanie harris says:

    sofa looks beautiful, love your hair

  19. jane says:

    What about the insides of the sofa?

  20. The Velvet Spoon says:

    OMG I need to clean a couch my mom gave me. I got dirty in the moving process and I knew I was going to have to clean it. It never occurred to me that I can just wash the fabric because it does have zippers. lol Thanks!

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