How to/profesional carpet cleaning/ dirty carpets/Cleaning Service Pro, LLC/TSI truckmounts

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How to/profesional carpet cleaning/ dirty carpets/Cleaning Service Pro, LLC/TSI truckmounts

Cleaning Service Pro,LLC
Call or text Jacob @ 602 578 8144 commercial and residential carpet cleaning business based in Peoria az 85381
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20 Responses

  1. Integrity Cleaning says:

    I love a good cleaning video

  2. Chris H says:

    What's with the sleeve on the pressure hose?

  3. Dima Nosenko says:

    A good and reliable cleaning company «Live Clean Today» offers quality carpet cleaning in Spokane at a reasonable price.

  4. the_lowriders says:

    "Ummmm , ummmmmmm , ummmmm 😂😂😂😂

  5. MingMing Su says:

    But he has a typical Mexican rapist face

  6. Emilie Burstein says:

    Buddy, you have shown quite nice and in fact the most professional way of doing carpet cleaning. Here in Canberra we are also offering the same methods of doing so. Please also do let me know about your way of doing construction final cleaning because it is most hassle loaded part of our cleaning processes (you know very well)

    May be, we can conclude a great and more faster way of doing it. (I guess)

    Looking for your response! 🙂

  7. Eleni Mounouxou says:

    Που μπορο να αγορασο αυτο το μηχανημα να πληνο τα χαλιαμου

  8. TheRocketbear54 says:

    What happens to you trailer in the rain?

  9. 380stroker says:

    Dude, what about buying a rug doctor? HAHA

  10. Jasmine White says:

    I just love watching people clean carpet

  11. Jeremy Cofield says:

    How do you prevent streaking from happens in carpet??

  12. D Marrow says:

    ummm no

  13. Joseph Fields says:

    I definitely want one of these for where my labrador likes to lay on the carpet. My Bissell model can't hold a light to this thing.

  14. elohim soldier says:

    Great video as always. I was wondering if there's a machine that could be use as an electric scrubber and also as a hard floor cleaner?

  15. Rashad Jacobs says:

    all he doing is getting the carpet super wet before that bullshit vacuum damps the carpet he should have a solution in that black wand that will clean instead of using that raggedy ass shampooer

  16. Espada says:

    Very good job can I use a bonnet pad instead of a carpet brush please let me know

  17. Aslo Olsa says:

    Did he say there was a "digestive system" in that bottle?

    How is that possible? Do you have to regularly feed it?

  18. Adriano Oliveira says:

    Very interesting this your equipment, would be some type of suction pump ….?
    What is the suction power? Seems to me to be something very powerful …
    Congratulations on the great work and equipment …. from BRAZIL

  19. Irena nelson says:

    good work

  20. Sunya Clark says:

    Hi, I wanted to know is it safe to use a green pad or red pad to clean my carpet at work verses a bonnet? I have some stains that couldn't come out, I don't think a Bonnet will do, lol

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