How to start a Carpet Cleaning Business – Pricing

Posted on: March 23rd, 2019 by
14 Starting a carpet cleaning business will come with the question on pricing your work. Some franchise owners use square footage and non-franchise carpet cleaning business owners use a flat rate. Either way, how you are pricing will determine how the individual customer selects your carpet cleaning service. How to start a carpet cleaning business will be the hardest part of this journey but a journey worth the trip.
Video Rating: / 5 In a situation where you have never had to have your carpets cleaned you may be somewhat confused as to what you should expect, and the mere fact that the majority of carpet cleaning companies have their very own way of determining the prices.

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  1. zafira putri says:

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  3. National Cyber & Computer says:

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  4. Carlos Renteria says:

    here's a few suggestions to consider before you setup a cleaning company
    are you likely to have support from you spouse?
    Are you someone who is self-motivated?
    Will you carry out your plan?
    Do you have the money to start?
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  5. Ava Dota says:

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  6. jamesdor55 says:

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  7. Carolina Olivas says:

    I have been searching about this business and Im all excited about starting a carpet cleaning business the only thing that makes me thing if i will succeed. is that i have no experience at all in this area..I have talk to a few companies that offer products along with training I hope I can get my idea up and running soon and I will apreciate if you can get me any advice..thank you so much!!!

  8. Carpet Cleaning Guy says:

    Thanks for this info on starting a carpet cleaning business. I'm relatively new in mine and have been struggling with the best ways to price. I've tried footage and "by the job" and I've done ok and not so ok both ways. Still learning though. Do you have any kind of worksheet that you use to more easily calculate prices?

  9. TheDemand24 says:

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  10. Robert Summers says:

    Flat rate pricing works for us. If you need to see examples please visit us at Colchester Carpet Cleaning UK (sorry I cant link on here) We have a complete price list for single rooms to multi room packages, customers like it that was as they can choose what's best for them and their pocket and we dont "waste" time visiting and pricing up a job we would have got anyway.

  11. anil babu says:

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  12. Isleida Morillo says:

    God bless you. I've been working for a retail store for 4 years now earning 12 dollars per hour, and on top of that I'm getting less and less hrs every week. I've thought about starting my own small business, but I didn't have idea of what to do. But you just gave me the best solution. Thank you.

  13. Tim Maggs says:

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  14. john777uk says:

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