The Oriental Rug Cleaning Process

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The Oriental Rug Cleaning Process

Cleaning an Oriental rug is a comprehensive process, that needs to be done right in order to both make the rug truly clean while keeping it intact.

For example, at the beginning of the video you can see our through inspection of the rug, before we take any action. You can read about the entire process at

We offer expert area Oriental rug cleaning in New York City, NY, NJ and CT. Call us today at (718) 387-8100 or visit our website –
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  1. Dee Jarvis says:

    Our 38 step programme is complimented by our patented multi step invoicing system…

  2. Jane Smith says:

    Please get a proper advertising agent next time, also try really hard at improving your services.

  3. Turki Kaboha says:

    Bill: 900 dollars

  4. Memenator says:


  5. Yo Yo says:

    So they clean a rug then pour all the dirt on it to make the video image and now they have to clean it again

  6. Rakia Brahimi says:

    When a rug is better treated than you are

  7. M se says:

    What's with the emotional music im almost crying

  8. Rachel Nepumoceno says:

    Uhhh… Why is tgis un my recommended??😄😄

  9. berri cha says:

    Why is this in my recommended…

  10. Juan Miguel Altube says:

    That rug got more love than I ever will

  11. ToxicClapper says:

    Just buy a new rug

  12. gardensofthegods says:

    Personally I would not use hot water on a real true oriental carpet

  13. Umer says:

    It's just a rug…..

  14. Hadi Rabbani says:

    This is why asian remove their shoes before entering their house…

  15. Alexander Ivanenko says:

    Recomendations going crazy

  16. bSd_Globo says:

    Who is here from iFunny?

  17. alireza hudson says:

    قالیشویی شربت اوغلی

  18. Bowl of Rice says:

    Yo who here from ifunny

  19. DevourTheSun says:

    Oh man a before and after at the end would have been perfect

  20. Reagan Allen says:

    I want to be cleaned like one of these rugs

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