10 Secrets to Hiring a House Cleaning Service!

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I started a house cleaning service company in 2006, it’s called Clean My Space – imagine that! Over the years, I’ve learned a lot about the home cleaning service industry and, not surprisingly, a question I get asked a lot is How do I know which house cleaning company to hire? Well, I’m going to address 10 tips for you in this video that will help you skip the hassle and get to the clean!

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40 Responses

  1. Patricia DELANY says:

    I have to say that hiring a cleaning person saved my marriage. I worked full time, did all of the housework, and cared for the children. My husband did not want to help around the house. So to make sure I had the money to pay for this service, I had my cleaning specialist come on my payday. I consider having a cleaning service part of self care. I am now retired and clean my own house. I watch your videos to learn how to clean most efficiently.

  2. Xander says:

    my room is tiny (approx 7 by 12 feet). i also own lots of random stuff. half needs to be thrown out. the rest needs "basic clean". where do i start? thanks a lot!! great vid.!

  3. Justin Boone says:

    I just started my Cleaning company & I need to know how….How when you first started out..
    HOW you made any money? I guess you were lucky & no body cared that you didn't have insurance & bondes at first..Thank God for people who's not all by the book. And beleave in giving a chance…
    Have a Great Day…
    Rusty Lynn's Cleaning Service

  4. Ruth Manor says:

    What type of cleaning should I expect from a hired cleaning person?  Is there a checklist of routine cleaning that should be done in each room and how much time it should take per room in an average sized house with LR, DR, Kitchen, Laundry room, 2 BR & 1 1/2 baths on one floor.

  5. Hannah wanjiru Hannah wanjiru says:

    how can I apply house jobs in USA

  6. Hannah wanjiru Hannah wanjiru says:

    interested with house jobs am from Kenya

  7. Ali Raza says:

    I got only "6" secrets!!!!
    Please correct your title

  8. boxiebabe says:

    Do you happen to have a printable list of things your service provides for most homes that we can use to compare with?

  9. Morgan Lehnert says:

    Being bonded doesn’t mean much as with most policies they will only pay out if there’s a conviction.

  10. Angela h says:

    I don't think it's fair to assume that just because cleaning companies have great reviews you shouldn't trust it. My company has over 20 – 5star reviews on Facebook. 10 on next door and even more on Google. We work very hard and do not pay our clients for reviews although we do request that they leave one. They always say that they're happy to do so.

  11. Lauren Shwarts says:

    I totally get what you're saying, but a couple of points I took issue with:
    Not all cleaning companies have employees. I'm just starting my company and I'm the sole cleaner, so I don't need workers comp. Also, I'm not going to fork over money for bonding since I don't have employees and I would never steal anything. If clients don't trust me enough to have me in their home, then that's their choice. I definitely have insurance though. One of my standard procedures is that I clean and sanitize all of my tools between houses. I have an o cedar mop with removable, washable heads, and I have 4 of them, so a clean mop head at each house is de rigueur. If a customer is really insistent about their own mop, then I'm happy to leave a mop head at their home that's only for use there.

  12. Andy Orton - Southpaw guitar UK says:

    Brilliant thanks

  13. James Ronan says:

    Thank u for such a wonderful information and these are very helpful in hiring a house cleaning service

  14. Isabel Hernandez says:

    Hi, I'm a house cleaner for years now, 30 to be exact and my advice as a housekeeper is yes there are rules to have at front. I ask my clients to pickup before I come to clean, I'm there to do the hard work not organize your things, also be out of the way,i can concentrated on work beter.and do a

    best work. There is a basic cleaning .deteal cleaner and deep cleaner.each one is diferent,and the time that takes too. also the prices. And if you need Windows or ironing or others service is more $$ because is not a cleaning job anymore, I hope I can help with some personal tips I leand trough my years😉

  15. Account Deleted says:

    I clean houses and offices for a living! Love all your videos!

  16. Anne-Lise Dugas says:

    OMG!!! I can’t believe she’s from Toronto! This whole time I’ve been watching these videos thinking it was in the states but no in Toronto just like me!

  17. Lyn Basteda says:

    I want to work housekeeping please help me

  18. Lem Bajo says:

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  19. Evelyn Oliver says:

    Hello friends!!

    Wonderful service cleaning training video!

    Thanks for Sharing…

    Here i am with a solution for contract cleaning services.

  20. Artiom Artiomm says:

    dont can not remove dust tk this methos. you make this situation it worse. omg.

  21. Nicewolf says:

    Aussies are very good people

  22. Mehmet Taş says:

    thank you very nice

  23. Beauty Ndlovu says:

    0730070047 add me

  24. Nicholas Pappas says:

    is this regular cleaning or deep clean

  25. George Addae says:

    Hi my name is george from ghana please I would like to work with you please is there any vacancy I am a very good worker please I would like to work with you guys please my contact is +233542695525 or

  26. Sagar Kadve says:

    सोसायटी mentench Chi kam Kse krayche vid plz

  27. Charan charan says:

    I need job.. experience in 2years in dubai cleaning company LLC

  28. VoluptuousMom TV says:

    Where can I buy the amaze

  29. Mbongeni Gumede says:

    how can I register for the course

  30. Faheem Akhtar says:

    I have experience in the cleaning to hear in the UAE I need a job my what's aap nambr 00971562932514

  31. sbarnett37tiger Barnes says:

    I've found the best way achieve a nice, clean house is to just hide yourself away in your room watching movies on a Saturday morning while your housemates do the cleaning. You come out of your room later when everyone has gone out and… Waalaah!! Clean! haha works every time.

  32. Nickolka Pickolka says:

    Is this video for a deep cleaning? Most cleaning services I've used don't do this much cleaning like inside dishwasher and inside cupboards..unless I ask for it. Mostly surface cleaning.

  33. AUTENTIKA Ou MALUCA???? says:

    I'm brazilian. I liked Know Training for cleaners house Day. Its possible going for Houston Texas whit my son 30 yaears. Informations please? Tank you.

  34. Perth Home Cleaners says:

    So kind, to share a cleaning training video! Full vacate cleans can be a bit tricky as you have to make sure to take care of all the small little details

  35. Mr. Teen Executive says:

    Great Job! I love the video 💙

  36. Andrew Nick says:

    Clean house is our necessary need that's why we choose best quality cleaning services. In Brisbane For Top quality Bond cleaning services choose

  37. Masha Khalfan says:

    What I need is a invcard in order for me o go Australia pls help me

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